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There's a simple reason we don't make or sell mix.  We don't believe you can duplicate the gluten development for structure or eggs for softness/smoothness from a mix where you just add water.   Or, there are some mixes that require you to add oil/butter and eggs, but at that point there is very little value in the mix and you should just make it from scratch.  We have multiple customers who now buy our frozen dough because they gave up on the mix.   Let us save you some time and money.   

Mix with Add Water, Oil (or Butter) and no Eggs

The most popular supplier for this type of mix says add water, oil (or butter) and mix for 2 minutes.  In 2 minutes, we do not think can not get enough gluten development to have the proper elasticity in the dough.   Without eggs, you also can't get the right texture as the eggs act have a coagulating property that gives the waffles a softness and an even texture.  It's actually a very well known fact that eggs are simply hard to replace in baking recipes.  The pearl sugar included is also very small compared to the 8-11.5mm diameter we use.  We actually had an interesting conversation with their salesperson before we started our business because we considered just reselling their products, both frozen dough and mix.  Their sales person said that they did some tests with people in Canada who never tried real Liége waffles and these people actually preferred the mix over their frozen dough because they didn't have any frame of reference.  We're guessing they say this as a selling point to customers who can't buy their dough in bulk.  Who knows.  

Mix with Add Water Only

One of our customers just gave us some mix they tried using before buying our frozen dough.  So we tested it ourselves and we were quite happy to confirm that we thought our product was much better.   Their mix is add water only which is super convenient, but there is not even any oil that you add so we think that is partially why you can't get the right texture.  The oil/butter just adds a certain richness that you can't duplicate with powder.   We did like that this supplier had a deal where if you buy 6 cases of mix, they'll just give you a waffle iron.  We haven't tried their iron though. It looks non-stick even though the website says cast iron and the 4x4 grid pattern likely makes a smaller than typical Liége waffle.  

Mix with Add Water, Butter and Eggs
Pearl Sugar and Lesaffre Instant Yeast Packed Separately

There's a popular pearl sugar supplier website that is selling a mix with pearl sugar and Lesaffre instant yeast packaged separately. However, you still have to add water, butter and eggs!  How silly is that?  We're not sure where the cost or time savings is.  A 55lb bag of bread flour is only about $30-40 and the other ingredients (salt, sugar and vanilla) are all very common bakery ingredients.  If you have to add water, butter, and eggs, why not just make it yourself in house?   

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