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AMPI waffle irons are manufactured in the actual birthplace of Liège waffles, the town of Liège.  Founded in 1983, they have been steadily growing as a family run business and we are pleased to be the first company to offer them to the US market.  We tested the 52126 and we were impressed with its performance.  It's no HVD iron, but here is what we like about them:

  • High quality durable cast iron plates have enough mass (33lbs plates) to cook waffles evenly unlike some other brands in this price range.   Holds the temperature very steady so it's easier not to burn the sugar.  

  • Preheats quickly.  Only took about 10 mins even for the 110V machine. 

  • Their 5126 model has plates with an authentic 4x6 pattern that is very similar to Krampouz and HVD. 

  • 1450 watts mean that they can be used on a standard US 15AMP outlet 

  • Rotates 180 degrees for easier cleaning and distributing sugar when cooking.

  • Moderate price point for those looking to upgrade from Carnival King or Waring-Pro or don't have the budget for HVD. 

  • Heavy duty electrical components including the cabling/wiring.

  • Comes with a silicone coating so that it can be used out of the box without seasoning.


MODEL #52126 - PRICE $1850 (included in the price is USA shipping, customs clearance and a fork/scraper)
  • Durable heavy cast iron plates (33lbs plates alone)

  • The 52126 model cooks 2 waffles at a time (approximately 40-45 waffles per hour)

  • Available in 110V (1450W, 13AMP) or 230V (1400W, 6AMP)

  • Comes with a Nema 5-15 plug so it can be used with a regular outlet

  • We include a free cleaning scraper and waffle fork in the price

  • Switch button, power light and heating indicator button

  • Stainless steel frame with removable drip trays

  • Thermostatic adjustment from 50 to 300°C (for pyrolysis mode)

  • Waffle imprint : 4 x 6  — Dimension : 167mm x 115 mm x 25mm, up to 120 gram dough balls

  • 1 year warranty on electronic components (customer pays for shipping, labor not included)

  • Lead time is generally 1-2 weeks.  We handle all customs clearance and importing costs.  

  • FYI, our pricing is really comparable to buying it directly from AMPI once you factor in shipping (~$225), customs clearance, wire transfer fees and currency exchange.  Plus, we provide parts support (only for irons purchased from us).  


  • When receiving a new machine, make sure to peel off all the plastic protective film on the stainless steel panels.  

  • The easiest cleaning method to clear built up residual sugar is simply to use the scraper to loosen up the sugar, lay a piece of paper towel on one plate, close the other plate on top and let the sugar drip off onto the paper towel.  If the sugar is not flowing/dripping, you can just use the scraper to scoop out the thicker sugar.  You can also spray a little water on the iron to to dissolve/loosen up the sugar and then use the paper towel.   Just be careful when you spray water as it can splatter.  Repeat a few times.  This is good for day to day maintenance. 

  • Between cooking waffles, occasionally push the dark caramelized sugar into the center before cooking the next piece of dough.  This allow better turnover of new sugar mixing in with the darker caramelized sugar.  

  • If you are careful not to burn the sugar and just have dark brown sugar on the iron at the end of the day, you can also just turn off the machine and let it cool to harden.  The next day you can preheat for 2 minutes (or just a low temp setting) just to soften up the sugar that hardened sugar and you should be able to peel off the sugar fairly easily.  You should be able to pull off most of the sugar or you can leave some on because that dark caramelized sugar gives you the best waffle.  

  • The irons come with a silicone coating so they can be used right out of the box.  Eventually, this silicone coating will come off and you may want to do a full seasoning.   We recently discovered a product called Carbon Off (available on Amazon) that works very well for cleaning off burn sugar.   In a well ventilated area, you apply the spray or gel and it'll loosen up all the carbonized sugar.   You'll likely have to scrub a bit with a wire brush and make sure to rinse thoroughly before seasoning.   To season, you brush on light coating of safflower oil or preferably flaxseed oil, put it on max temp and let it burn off leaving a hard black shiny surface.  Repeat again 8-10 times.  Sheryl Canter describes it in more detail on her blog site that has gotten a lot of coverage from places like Cook's Illustrated.  Once finished, allow it to get back down to the normal cooking temperature and then lightly coat with a light high temp oil like Canola.  

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