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Their machines are simply the gold standard, the best, etc...  HVD is hands down the highest quality commercial Liege waffle irons on the market.  Look at any major operator selling Liège waffles in the US or abroad (Wafels and Dinges, Belgaufra, Waffle Luv, Caffebene, etc...) as well as vendors in Belgium and practically all of them use HVD.   Many new businesses start with Krampouz or VH, but then they almost all eventually see the light and end up switching to HVD.  Don't waste your money and time on an inferior machine.  FYI, HVD MAKES HONEYCOMB WAFFLE PATTERN IRONS AND WE CAN GET THEM FOR YOU.  

Here are some of the reasons why HVD is the best:

  • Smooth cooking surface on the HVD irons make for easier cleaning (#1 reason) and the best heat transfer.  HVD starts with a solid piece of cast iron and then they CNC mill the waffle cooking pattern.  Other brands like Krampouz and VH cast mold the entire cooking surface giving it a textured finish like your grandmother's cast iron frying pan.  The melted or burnt sugar naturally sticks more to a textured surface.  With HVD, when you burn the sugar inadvertently (everyone does) you simply can scrape off the burnt sugar.  They include the only waffle iron scraping tool on the market specially designed to fit in between the knuckles of the waffle pattern.  

  • The most iron metal mass of any waffle iron on the market.  The HVD waffle iron plates alone weigh 60-80 lbs depending on the size machine.  This mass alone means very even heat distribution and holds a steady temperature unlike smaller irons that fluctuate in temperature.  This reduces the likelihood of the sugar burning when used properly.  

  • HVD electronics are rock solid for lasting durability.  Parts are easily replaceable as well should there eventually be a failure.  

  • The HVD heating elements are flat and it lays directly against the iron plates so the heat transfer is superior.  There is no coil heating element that is suspended in the air like most commercial waffle irons.  

  • Compact swivel design.  This allows for a small footprint on the counter top saving valuable room.  The rotating axis swivel design also allows the sugar to drip off making cleaning easier.  


L26 - Cooks 2 at a time
- Free US continental shipping
A57 - Cooks 4 at a time
- Free US Continental Shipping
  • The Small HVD L26 cooks 2 at a time and the Large A57 cooks 4 at a time

  • Dimensions: 14"W x 18"D x 14"H when closed and 14"W x 23"D x 24"H when open

  • HVD irons available in 110V (1700W, 15.45AMP) or 220V (2600W, 11.81AMP)

  • Each iron includes 1 waffle fork and most importantly the cleaning tool scraper

  • As a value add, for 110V machines we put on a standard plug 20 amp plug (NEMA 5-20).  

  • 1 year warranty on parts (customer pays for shipping) and 10 years on the plates.  But the only thing that tends to breakdown, and that's not even very often, is the thermostat.  Since 2014, we have only seen a couple thermostats break down and they were from old machines from customers who now buy from us.  If you buy the machine from us, we will provide you parts support so you don't have to wait for HVD to get back to you.  

  • NSF Certified (see listing here)

  • Lead time is generally 1-2 weeks.  We handle all customs clearance and importing costs.  

  • For HVD iron purchases, we generally only accept wire transfer, e-check, and certified check. 

  • For Liège waffles, the HVD L26 and A57 are the best and most versatile models.  No one buys the W55 or A57 ES.  

  • We can get you any HVD model if you are interested in their other irons including propane and we can ship globally for the same price as above, but there may be additional duty in your country.  


HVD irons do not ship with any instructions whatsoever so here are some valuable tips on using them. 

  • New HVD machines come with a silicone finish that is very slick.  You can use it as is without any seasoning.  After about 1-2 mos of heavy use, the silicone finish will be gone and the iron may look a little dry.  At this point, you usually can just brush some vegetable oil onto the iron and keep using as the fats from the butter in the waffle dough may have seasoned the iron.  If your dough is sticking and you want to season it properly, then you have to crank it up to max temp, let all the sugar burn off, scrape all the burn sugar off so the iron is clean and then start seasoning.  This means brushing on safflower oil (HVD's recommendation) or preferably flaxseed oil and letting it burn off leaving a hard surface.  This process is called polymerization and Sheryl Canter describes it in more detail on her blog site that has gotten a lot of coverage from places like Cook's Illustrated.  You basically have to do this about 5-6 times though to get a dark non-stick surface.  

  • HVD irons have a control box (heating element, power switch, thermostat) on top and just a heating element on the bottom.  Inherently, the control box side is heavier so after turning the machine on and setting the temp, we recommend rotating 180 so that the control box is on the bottom.  This makes the machine more balanced and easier to open/close the machine.  Keep it in this position when actively cooking.  

  • Only close the machine when cooking or if the iron is clean with no residual sugar.  Generally you keep the iron open when not cooking.  If you are not cooking and close the machine, it's a surefire way to burn the sugar.  

  • When preheating, we like setting it to 150C and setting a timer for about 10-15 minutes.  Then bring up the temp to 177-180C for active cooking.  If the iron has residual sugar on it, you want to be careful when preheating.   

  • When cooking continuously, we sometimes will bring the temp up to even 185-190C to cook a little faster.  

  • During downtime or for warming previously cooked waffles,  try lowering the temp to 150C.  At this temp, the sugar will generally not burn.  

  • Here is a video on what it takes to do a full cleaning of a HVD iron.  This doesn't need to be done very often if you do some daily clean up of the sugar.  It's very time consuming so you want to avoid it if at all possible.

  • When you burn the sugar (and you definitely will at some point), you just scrape with HVD's special scraper. You can also use a high temperature brush to get rid of any burnt sugar dust.   

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