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THE BELGIAN KITCHEN started in 2014 with just one goal in mind, bring the happiness of Liège waffles to every person in America. We make this artisan Liège waffle dough fresh in our commercial kitchen in Guttenberg, NJ and sell it wholesale nationally.  With over 150+ local and national accounts, The Belgian Kitchen is now the leading US based manufacturer of Liege waffle dough. Additionally, we are the top US reseller of HVD waffle irons and hope to become the top seller of Belgian pearl sugar which makes these waffles such delightful treats.  

Founder & President, Sean

Sean discovered Liège waffles in the early 2000's when he would go on snowboarding trips to Killington, VT. After a few runs down,  he would need to refuel and the freshly made waffles at the Waffle Cabin located near the base of Bear Mountain were the perfect snack.  Little did he know that they would eventually turn into a big hit on the foodie scene with successful startups like Wafels and Dinges in NYC and other food trucks across the country.   






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